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...It's Complicated ...It's Complicated

…It’s Complicated

Friends and family are some of the best gifts God could ever give us.  Yet, because we are human there are some challenges, question marks and moments that we wish didn’t have to be dealt with. These are some real questions we wonder about: How do we be the very best spouse when we are not at our best?  Does it matter which friends I spend my time with? Will I mess up my kids, because no one gave me the handbook? When is it respectfully time to parent your own parents? We invite you to Show up and hear how these complicated relationships of ours, can be a little less uncomplicated from a Biblical perspective.

Sunday Services are at 9: 00 am and 10:30 am. You can also view our LIVE STREAM each Sunday on YouTube Channel, or Vimeo.

Upcoming Messages:

June 11th

Friends: The Difference-Maker

Lance Hurley

June 18th

Parenting Your Kids

Scott Alexander

June 28th

Parenting Your Parents

Danielle Zapchenk