We are a community of students committed to living an authentic and passionate life centered around the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

What to expect at West Ridge Students

We meet as ONE youth group on Sunday nights upstairs at West Ridge in the HUB from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. This time will include playing games, learning about Jesus, and building relationships. The students will be in small groups of their age for discussion about the night’s topic and prayer. If you have any questions, email us for more details.

Parent Handbook

Take a few minutes to look through who we are, what we do and why.

Please reach out if you have any questions and THANK you for allowing us to build relationships with your kids in order to let them be heard, loved, and guided as they develop a relationship with God!


What do I say when my student is dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Forgiveness, a desire to be loved and so much more?

Here are some books, websites and scripture references to help guide you and your student through beautiful and messy parts of parenting.


Student Baptism Class

If your student has expressed interest in being baptized, or just wants to learn more about what baptism is, West Ridge Students holds a NextGen baptism class just for them and any kids (grades 6-12) are welcome to attend.  If you are interested, click here.


  • Sunday, August 21st – BRING YOUR PARENTS NIGHT for food, games and community!
  • Sunday, September 4th for Holiday Weekend
  • Sunday, September 25th

Our Mission

To be intentionally involved in our community, families, schools, circles of friends, and our church so that people will understand how powerful the love of God is. In order for this to take place we meet together regularly to learn from the Bible, to build community and accountability with each another as we grow in our capacity to embody the radical love of God.

What We Believe

Jesus wants to use us. And the fact that we are “just students” should never hold us back from believing that we can accomplish amazing things with His help. All throughout scripture, God uses young people to speak and act boldly for Him. We intend to do the same.