We are a community of students committed to living an authentic and passionate life centered around the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

New topic begins on June 21st!

What do your students wonder about? What decisions are they facing? How do they know what they should do? How do students make wise decisions? Our new teaching and small group series isn’t about right or wrong, which the Bible is very clear about. It’s is about everyday choices, opportunities and decisions that students face. Wise decisions lead to worthwhile lifestyles. This isn’t about the past. The past is past. This is about making choices right now that students can benefit from in the future. Wise decisions lead to a future that is fun and fulfilling. Beginning June 21 (HS) and 23 (MS), we will learn together how to make wise decisions and how to grow in wisdom together. I hope your student will be a part of this great discussion. Email for more information.

House Group (Grades 9 – 12)

A group exclusively for high school students that meets every Monday night (holidays excluded) from 6:30-8:30 p.m. with dinner provided.  Check the calendar in the West Ridge app for the meeting location this week or email us for more details.

Level 2 (Grades 6 – 8)

Middle School students gather every Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:00pm in the Student Ministry room and the Cafe at West Ridge. A brief teaching time is followed by small group time to check in on life, and to figure out how to live out Jesus’ teachings in our everyday world. Email us for more details.

Our Mission

To be intentionally involved in our community, families, schools, circles of friends, and our church so that people will understand how powerful the love of God is. In order for this to take place we meet together regularly to learn from the Bible, to build community and accountability with each another as we grow in our capacity to embody the radical love of God.

What We Believe

Jesus wants to use us. And the fact that we are “just students” should never hold us back from believing that we can accomplish amazing things with His help. All throughout scripture, God uses young people to speak and act boldly for Him. We intend to do the same.


In January we began the search for our new Next Gen Pastor. We have engaged a search firm with a national reach and a staff member here locally to help us. This will enable us to conduct a broader search than our own networks and greatly compress the timeline for that search.

We have seven amazing volunteers who continue to lead and guide our students throughout the search. Greg Bowman, one of our teaching team members, is providing leadership to this ministry and team until the new staff member is on site.

Our Leadership Team remains committed to a strong, vital Student Ministry at West Ridge. Please pray for us as we consider the next steps for our student ministry leadership. And if you have questions or ideas, please email us.