International Outreach

West Ridge’s goal is to take on Matthew 25 as a lifestyle.  So we can make an impact to empower people and help them achieve a better quality of life.

Nica Angels – Led by Shelby and Darren Sloniger
Northern Nicaragua is the target area and Nica Angels is beginning their work in the neighboring communities of El Transito and Tecoloste approximately one hour northwest of Managua on the Pacific Coast.  The targeted needs are the following:

1.  Clean Water

2.  Education

3.  Sustainable Economic Development

Our work groups from West Ridge that go to Nicaragua, work on some of the above initiatives.

Things you can do today to make a difference :

  • Sponsor a Child (see below)
  • Sponsor a Christmas Meal for a family
  • Help support the school expansion project by investing in it
  • Help support the water expansion project by investing in it
  • Sign up here to be part of a future work trip

Sponsor a Child Program

Part of the educational strategy of Nica Angels is the Sponsor a Child program. This program helps provide the children in rural areas with the necessities to attend school. Some of the items include school supplies, backpacks, school shoes and uniforms. In many cases, students are unable to attend school because the family cannot afford such items.

In addition to these necessities, the program is helping on the nutritional front as well. The typical diet of a student includes rice, beans, cereal and a starch. Sponsor a Child is enhancing this diet by proving healthy supplements such as fresh fruit, fruit juice, vegetables and a protein to their meals which will sustain them and aid in their ability to focus on their schooling

If you would like to give a one time gift click on the “Donate” button below and select “Sponsor a Child.”  If you would like to make an ongoing gift please email us today.

Contact Shelby and Darren Sloniger for more information about how you can help.

Guarantee of Use of Funds – For all of the projects we are taking on, 100% of anything you give will go directly to that project.

School Sendero de fraternidad in Tamborcito
School Sendero de fraternidad in Tamborcito

“Under Designation drop-down select Nica Angels or Sponsor a Child”