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Maybe you’re brand new to this whole faith thing. Perhaps you’ve been in, but now you feel stuck.  Or you’re just not sure where to go next.  You may be wondering, ” How do I even grow in my faith?”  Everyone’s path will look different, and at West Ridge, we don’t believe any two are alike.

West Ridge wants to offer you an opportunity to keep you engaged and help you find growth in your own walk with Jesus.  You’ll be on this Journey with others, but it rests on your commitment to stay connected to four key engagements that allow you to develop your faith.  Know that West Ridge is here for you and is ready to answer questions and provide opportunities for you to engage in your own journey meaningfully.


It’s a commitment on your part to join a pathway that allows God’s ways to form your life. We hope you’ll join others who embark on an old path designed by God when He started His church.  West Ridge would love to walk with you along the way. Journey is designed to help every person at West Ridge see a roadway of engagement, and take their next step in living out a holistic faith, in a Biblical way.

Do You sometimes feel like…


  • You are hoping to find people in your life who will be real friends.
    You desire people who really know you and would be there if things go sideways.


  • You are looking for a place that feels like home.
    You need a place that removes the expectations to be perfect and lets the real you shine.


  • You are looking for purpose.
    You want to meaningfully give back and change the lives of others.


  • You are wishing your God-given passion was clear to you.
    You know that what God most wants for you is what you are actually doing.