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Nica Angels

West Ridge’s goal is to take on Matthew 25 as a lifestyle.  So we can make an impact to empower people and help them achieve a better quality of life. Nica Angels started out of a passion for Shelby and Darren Sloniger. This grassroots effort works with the people of Northern Nicaragua in the neighboring communities of El Transito and Tecoloste approximately one hour northwest of Managua on the Pacific Coast.

Nica Angels originally operated under West Ridge’s 501c3, but thanks to your generous support and commitment, we have grown and become our own 501c3! Click below to learn more about who we are, where we serve, and how you can help significantly impact the lives of the Nicaraguan people and communities.

Clean Water

Nearly 800,000 Nicaraguans lack access to clean, safe water. This is especially true in the rural areas where water quality (if available) is poor and rarely considered safe to drink. Nica Angels helps provide access to clean water by drilling new wells as well as cleaning and sanitizing existing wells in communities in need.

Nica Angels Well


Nica Angels believes in the importance of education from pre K through College. This includes assistance with basic items needed in order for children to attend school, introducing nutritional foods to their school diets, providing college scholarships and refurbishing schools and building new classrooms

Nicaraguan School

Sustainable Economic Development

Financing is very difficult to obtain for many Nicaraguans. Nica Angels provides micro loans to individuals looking to start a new business that may help provide jobs for the community and/or assists the individual in supporting their family.

Guarantee of Use of Funds – For all of the projects of Nica Angels, 100% of anything you give will go directly to that project.

Ukraine Relief

West Ridge wanted to know how to best help in the Ukrainian Refugee crisis. In situations such as this, it is difficult to know who to trust, and we could not in good conscious direct people where to give unless we saw for ourselves the most direct and effective form of help. Through our time here we have found a path forward with people in Poland we trust who will Get it done! Our commitment to come together has made such a difference.  Through a multi-faceted approach, our donations help to provide refugees with housing, food, supplies, job placement, language classes, and travel assistance to help them rebuild their lives.