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We were designed to live in community, not isolation.

Community the Bible talks about is more than friendship. In community we find people with whom we can talk about our successes and struggles in life as we live out our faith. People who won’t try to fix us, but will listen and walk with us. They help us make sense of it all when life gets hard or confusing. And they know us well enough, love us deeply enough, that we allow them to call us out on our decisions and choices in life.

Community is where life change happens best. In community, we develop these real, meaningful relationships. We would love to help you find your people, your community.

Community Groups

Three times each year (September, January and April) West Ridge launches new Community Groups and helps people get connected into men’s, women’s, couples or mixed groups. If you have questions or are ready to join a group, stop by Guest Services on Sunday to pick up a packet or email Greg Bowman to get you connected.

Support Groups

Life is tough and sometimes you need a group to support you walk through Grief, Divorce or Separation.  Help you heal and go through life’s challenges together.  West Ridge’s groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help.

Women of West Ridge

Are you looking to build authentic community with other women?  Want to learn more about the Bible and how it applies to your life? Women of West Ridge offers quarterly Bible studies, service projects and events throughout the year so we can intentionally grow in our relationships with each other and Jesus.

Men of West Ridge

If Sunday services aren’t enough for you? If you are needing a place to help you navigate the muddy waters of life join one of our men’s groups which meet as part of our weekly Tuesday Tune Up gathering.


Join us for our sand Volleyball leagues throughout the year. Grow in connection to others and also reflect on that Sunday’s sermon. Our Volleyball teams are a fun and competitive way to connect with others at West Ridge. The league plays after church on Sundays during volleyball season.