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The Women of West Ridge partners with the Ruth Project, a non-for-profit organization located in downtown Elgin.  Ruth Project supports foster families and children by providing resources to set them up for long-term success.  They have a storefront in Elgin that is filled with donated clothes and shoes for children of all ages.  If you haven’t been, it’s setup like a boutique where families can “shop” for items for their kiddos.  Twice a year, the WOW ladies go in to help them swap out their seasonal clothes.  It’s an easy way to serve for a few quick hours.

We are looking for volunteers for the following dates:

  • Thursday, September 7 from 6-8 pm
  • Tuesday, September 12 from 10 am-12 pm

If you are interested, please register here so we can plan for you and send you more details!  NOTE this event is not limited to Women of West Ridge – please consider bringing your spouse or kids (minimum age = 10 years old) to help out.  It’s also a great opportunity for high school kids looking to earn volunteer hours!

We hope you will join us, but if you can’t, please consider donating an outfit or diapers.  You can drop off the items at the front desk at West Ridge on Sunday morning.  Any kid size will do!  Also, will you please pray for the Ruth Project and the families they support?  Often, a foster family is brought a child at the spur of the moment, to where the family has nothing on-hand to welcome the child.  Ruth Project offers so much to these families to encourage and support them and their children!