You of Little Faith

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There are days I am just so weary from the struggles of this life that it’s difficult to see past it.  When I look at the disciples struggling against their storm, I realize what I am being called to do.

Jesus approached as the disciples fought the strong winds and rising waves. Fearing he was a spirit walking on the water, the disciples cried out.  Jesus immediately reassured them and their fear turned to concern for Jesus’ safety. When they invited Him to join them in the boat, the storm immediately calmed.  If I think of my life as that boat and I invite Jesus into it, I can trust him to help me with my storms.  I must, however, maintain my faith as to not find myself like Peter.  Called out onto the water by Jesus, as soon as Peter’s faith in Jesus wavered, so did his ability to remain above water.

I believe that if I not only invite Jesus into my life, but turn it over to him, I’ll find myself a little less weary and with an even stronger faith!

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