Why a Men’s Ministry

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The overshadowing purpose of the men’s ministry must be to produce better men, through the understanding that because life is a process, so also is our spiritual life. Neither is ever static, and we can always grow. Thus, the theme—better men, make men better.

Some of the more important facets of the purpose of the ministry are:

  • Provide a conduit that will help deepen the faith and self-discipline of the men.
  • Connect and bond men with other believers.
  • Provide a safe, open, and transparent space that encourages men to share.
  • Lead men to life changing resources and experiences.
  • Help create a caring spirit for others.
  • Provide an entry point for community, discipleship, and mentorship.
  • Become, by rote, an outreach arm of the church.
  • Be a springboard for participation in small groups or community groups, eg: a feeder system for non-connected men.
  • Be the trigger for men to dive deeper into their spiritual lives.
  • Be a catalyst for men to get involved in service projects.
  • Equip men with the tools to live more godly lives daily.

How the Ministry Purpose will be accomplished…

The programming of the ministry will should include the following:

  • Men’s Breakfasts every month on the second Saturday from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
  • Random cookouts
  • Random social functions (a late summer golf event is in the planning stages)
  • Retreats (note that one is scheduled for August 27-29, 2021 and registration is open now.
  • Periodic mid-week Men’s Worship night in the sanctuary with a significant speaker followed by small group breakouts.
  • Random full or half day men’s Saturday conferences (on location) focusing on men specific themes.
  • An on-going blog for the ministry on the WRCC website which will encourage guest contributors from within the ministry.

One last thing:
The responses to the survey recently sent out blew us away. Over 21% of the men it was sent to (189 men) responded. A standard survey response of 3% is considered normal and acceptable. That’s the good news. The really great news was the feedback the ministry leadership team
received as a result of your candor and willingness to share your thoughts. We have some invaluable information from which to create programming and events for you, the men of the ministry. A very, very sincere thank you for participating in the survey.

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