Volunteering Matters

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“I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

The Road not Taken by Robert Frost is one of my favorite poems. So many times in my life, my inner voice has said this to me when I am attempting to make a decision.

If I look down one road it is a nice wide clear path. I see the cheer leaders cheering me on and people patting me on the back as I go by and yelling “You rock” or “Nice job”! But, if I look down the other road, the path isn’t always clear. Sometimes there are rocks and trees in the way. There is no one to encourage me, and it just doesn’t look that easy or fun.

I’m usually a more behind the scenes person. I have held several volunteer positions over the years both at church and elsewhere. But, the mostly behind the scenes, narrow path spot that really was not the easy road for me, was the Kids Ministry. I volunteered with the kids ministry pretty quickly after I started, I spent every Sunday for a year working with the kids and then joined the staff. Still now I volunteer when there is a hole that needs to be filled and run the children’s choir. But, I never saw these positions as ones that had any great impact. The kids don’t thank you ever Sunday for being their teacher (well not directly), and the parents are usually ready to hit the road as soon as the kids are done. I never really thought I had an impact on any of the kids I taught, but then today I saw this:

This is Katie Durso. She was a part of the kids ministry, children’s choir and now adult choir here at West Ridge.

Every person that had a part in teaching her and influencing her created that moment when she stood in church and did what most of the adults in our church are afraid to do- she raised her hands to praise God. And guess what- we all had a part in that. Everyone of us that have been a part of her life here. We have helped her to choose her path, and she is choosing to glorify God. Her path won’t always be wide and clear, but she knows that God is on that path with her.

Blessings~Katie Van Gheem


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