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Trust – firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.


When you are a baby, trust is easy.  We believe everything adults tell us and we do not question that they have our best interest in mind. But, as we grow older and trust is broken or we see truths being bent, our trust can slowly fade.

For the past 20 years I have spent a lot of time with engineers.  In my various careers and in my family.  I have found that they are for the most part left brain thinkers- very analytical and logical. My husband’s the family grew up Catholic. For a family of engineers, I think the traditions and ritual of Catholicism made sense and were logical. But, when I asked some of those engineers about their relationship with God or belief in Jesus- I found out that the relationship part was missing.  They trusted in Catholicism because the rituals were reliable- and that gave them belief and a sense of reliability.

For some, that has evolved into an understanding of God through the bible and for others a relationship.  But when I think back to the early conversations, it seemed like the struggle was in trusting something you could not see.  For me, God is something I feel.  Ok, so I’m not an analytical thinker. I’m more right brain than left.  But, if I think about my relationship with God, and if someone asks me why I believe, I have to say it’s because I feel it in my soul.  When I read the bible, I don’t doubt that the words highlighted in red were really what Jesus said.  I know that they are and I trust that God put everyone where he wanted them to ensure that we get to hear and read those words and know that we are loved.  And for the left brain people out there, it gives them some concrete evidence that God has real and He has a plan.

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