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One day Steve and I were listening to a news broadcast about family traditions.  They mentioned a lot of big traditions like always eating Easter dinner at Grandma’s with the entire extended family, or a family reunion every year.  And for a bit, we lamented over the fact that we didn’t have these big ingrained holiday traditions with our family, but we were not looking at it the right way.  We have traditions, they are just different than what we grew up thinking traditions were.

Traditions are behaviors or actions that you repeat and create a history for.  They help our kids understand or feel that something is special about what you are doing and that they are special because you are including them. If you don’t have any yet, then you are soooo lucky because you get the opportunity to create them and decide what they are going to be!

Our family traditions are smaller in some cases and just different in others.  Some are bits and pieces from our childhood, and some we have created all on our own. Here are some of our family traditions:

PJ’s all day on Christmas
Make our own butter on Easter
10 yr old and 16 yr old adventure with mom and dad (see below for explanation)
Hanging Grandma Charneski’s Christmas ornaments on the tree
Volunteering as a family the week of Christmas
Camping in Door County
Silly family Christmas picture
Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa

Traditions are foundations. When we create traditions, we are creating foundations for our children.  Going to church and celebrating Jesus is also a tradition for our family.  It is one that we created to help build a faith foundation in our children.  We hope it is one they will carry on when they have families of their own too.

Blessings and Happy New Year ~ Katie, Steve, Josh and Ella

10 yr and 16 yr adventure:
When the kids turned 10 yr old they got to go on an adventure with dad.  They told us the kinds of things they wanted to do, and we planned a trip around it.  We wanted to create a special time for them to bond with us as parents.  When they turn 16, I will go on an adventure with them. This way they have time with each parent.  We got the idea from a book titled Love Does by Bob Goff.  I highly recommend it.

(Photo: Steve. Katie, josh, Ella, Aunt Carrie)

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