Time to Get Real

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We’ve got “stuff”. Challenges. Shortcomings. Mistakes. Skeletons in the
closet. Dirt, best swept under the rug. Sin.

What keeps us from “getting real” about our issues? Perhaps it’s shame, or
embarrassment. Anxiety, if the “world” were to “find out” that we’re not
perfect – how would that change how we’re perceived? How would that change
how others act towards us? In short, the root of all of these concerns is
an inherent fear that we will not be loved.

Well, here’s the thing: There is incredible, peaceful satisfaction in
being gracefully forgiven. So much so, that once experienced, it outweighs
the fear and anxiety of our truth being discovered. The proverbial weight,
lifted off our shoulders.

Maybe you’ve heard someone say the line “there is nothing you can do that
will make God love you any more…and there’s nothing you can do that will
make God love you any less.” Did it come across as trite? It’s not!
God does love each and every one of us. Not because of anything we did or
do. No amount of volunteering or offering is going to change God’s love
for you. It’s already there, it’s already full. All you need to do is
accept it. Likewise, no quantity or severity of sin can keep God from
loving us. He acted on our behalf 2000 years ago and has already made
amends for our sin, through the sacrifice of Jesus.

He did that for YOU – and He did it because He loves you. No matter what.
Ask yourself, “with whom do I need to make peace? My spouse? A parent? My
children? What about God?”

Can you start with God, and then let Him help you make peace with those

-Mike Kukovec


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