Things that delight me…

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A sunny fall day
My favorite boots
Toes in the sand
Beautiful sunsets (I’d say sunrise- but I’m not a morning person!)
Laughter of children
A good hug

But, more than anything, it has to be music.  Music can totally change everything about your day.  Think about the last time your favorite song came on the radio, or you listened to your favorite band live!  It has the power to completely change your mood, thinking and behavior.  I am addicted to the lyrics that seem to have been written by my own heart.  For me, singing and listening to music has always been a way for me to escape my day and transport me to a different place.  Sometimes it takes me back, and others it propels me forward.

 Music delights my soul and worship music, even better, moves my soul closer to God.

 “Where words fail, music speaks.” unknown

 What delights you?

 Blessings~ Katie Van Gheem



  1. Carole says:

    Awesomeness and I totally agree!!!!

  2. Beth says:

    Needtobreathe … Brother
    Always lightens my mood! You sure we’re not related?


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