The Magic of Generosity

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I just saw a video that offered several children of poor families an opportunity to share any gift they wanted for Christmas.  Then they got to talk about what they would give their parent for Christmas if they could  The kids dreamt big and went for it.  X Box.  Doll sets.  You name it.  They went for it.  Then the producers came out with the very gift the kids asked for – (secretly the parents were waiting in a separate room).

When the kids saw their gifts presented to them their faces lit up!! They couldn’t believe it!  Then the producer presented them with the gifts they chose for their mom or dad.  They were equally excited!  Then came the rub, they then had to choose to keep one gift; either the one they chose for themselves or the one for Mom or Dad. The resulting video moved me to tears.

Each child let the decision sink in for a moment as they regarded their prized gift sitting right in front of them.  Then one by one, every single child chose to keep the gift for their mom in place of the gift for themselves.  They got really quiet and thoughtful, and when asked, they came out with all the reasons that they would happily sacrifice their gift for their parent’s gift.  They reflected with generous sweet hearts how much sacrifice and love they had received from their parents; how well their parents gave to them and provided for them, taking nothing for themselves.  One even said his mom gives everyone gifts for Christmas and gets none herself.  He wanted to give her a gift this year.

The joy on the faces of the kids when they made their choices and then began discussing why – that was true magic! One kid said – “gifts are just things, but family is what’s important.”  That’s true generosity displayed out of the mouths of babes.  In this world where we are barraged with materialism, it’s so very refreshing to see true generosity in place in the least of these.

In the end, the producers gave the children both presents – because they chose to be generous – further cementing the importance of this value in their experience.  The excitement on their faces was awesome!  Many were moved to tears of joy.  When asked what they were feeling, 100% of them said thankful or grateful. This just confirms that a grateful heart is absolutely linked to a generous heart.  Let;s cultivate both this season.

Carole Lyon

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