The Holidays are Hard

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Holidays are hard for me.  Aa a child, they represented three things:

  1. My parents were going to fight
  2. My mom would tell us how broke we were
  3. That darn Christmas tree my Step-Dad fixed every year would probably come crashing down to the ground before Christmas

Of course, as an adult, I start the season with doing everything I can to make this season happy for my family and all about Christ, Joy and Giving.  But, inevitably the darker days, the cold looming weather and the angry shoppers all start to wear on me and a little like Pavlov’s dogs, the ringing of the Red Cross Bell finds me sad and withdrawing from the festivities of the year.  My focus starts to change from all that is good that is coming, to all the bad I remember.

 I wish I had a magic formula- similar to pixie dust- that could be sprinkled over me and I would automatically just see the joy that surrounds me, but I don’t.  So instead I will offer up some things I have found useful during the years when I struggle.

  1.  Kids, especially young kids, don’t know ifyour

    broke. They just know they get to look at pretty trees, eat and open stuff.  Focus on their joy and remind them why we give.

  2. Listen to music you love- it always changes my perspective. I consider KLove year-round Christmas music
  3. Yell at the voices that tell you to be sad.  It’s just Lucifer,Beelzebubb, the Devil- or whatever you call him.  I always yell (out loud if I’m in the car) and tell him to shut it.
  4. Call a friend.  There is this cool app on your phone called- phone.  Hearing a friends voice and talking through your stuff always helps.
  5. Give.  It can be your time, money or a smile but give of yourself and maybe the joy you feel in that will help you out of the blue.
  6. Hug.  I find West Ridge a good place to find someone to hug.

The holidays aren’t happy for everyone- no matter what their financial status is.  Just remember the reason for the season- you are not alone, and you are loved. – Anonymous

If you would like to find out more information about our Blue Christmas event this Sunday, December 17th click here.

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