The Face of Desperation

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God wants us to come to him with everything: big problems, little problems, and everything in between.  But if were really honest we feel pretty good about ourselves when we don’t have to involve God.  We act in a way as if to say to God, “I’ve got this one, you can sit this one out, watch what I can do.”  But what about those times when something so big happens that it rocks our world and shakes us to our very core.  Those moments in life that we never saw coming and could have never prepared for.

In Luke 8 we find the story of a woman in this very situation.  She had suffered from a bleeding disorder for twelve very long years. We are told she had spent everything on doctors, but had only gotten worse.  This is something that completely consumed her life.  Because of the nature of her sickness she was ritually unclean, ostracized, unable to fully participate in her Jewish culture.  We have so much tolerance in our culture that it’s difficult to fully grasp her situation.  The closest we can possibly come up with is someone with AIDS.

And then one day I picture something inside her broke.  She’d had enough of all the doctors, the looks she got in public, the whispering behind her back, the hopelessness of her situation.  She had heard about Jesus, the miracle worker who had healed so many, and she believed.  Why couldn’t he heal her, and with just one touch.  She dared to brave the crowds on that fateful day and get close to Jesus, close enough to touch just the fringe of his robe.  That would be enough she told herself… and it was.  She is instantly healed, but that is not the end.  Jesus asks who touched him because he felt power leaving his body.  In spite of her fear she speaks.  She tells her whole life story in front of the entire massive crowd.  Jesus listens, they all listen to her.  There is freedom for her in speaking her truth.  And then Jesus speaks, “Your faith has made you well again, daughter.  Go in peace”. Were there ever sweeter words that fell on her ears, I think not.  The great news is we do not need to wait twelve years and be at rock bottom to reach out and touch Jesus.  He is always there.
-Eunice Bendetti

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