Stories Are An Incredible Gift

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As a child (and even as a teenager), I loved to sit on my Nanny’s bed and watch her get ready for the day.  She was very particular about her appearance and never left the house without her hair precisely coiffed and her makeup perfected.  Most days I would listen to her sing, but sometimes she would tell me stories. Stories about how she and my grandfather met because they had almost the same name (Ted and Teddi) or how she sang in a nightclub or picked strawberries to make ends meet.  I loved listening to her. Stories were an easy way for the two of us to connect and for me to understand her a little better.

I think it is the same with Jesus.  He taught so many people by telling stories.  People would come from miles and miles around, just to catch a glimpse and hopefully hear what Jesus had to say.  The easiest way for him to communicate with people at all levels, was through stories- or parables. They would listen to Jesus tell stories that seemed like everyday life.  Things that everyone could relate to, and this made it easier for everyone to relate to. And, some of His stories are duplicated in the bible- so you can hear them from 2 different perspectives, like the story of the 2 houses.  One on rock, the other on sand. It appears in Luke and Matthew, and it is one of my favorite stories.

Stories are an easy way for people of all ages and all backgrounds to connect, grow and learn.  Aren’t we lucky that we have the opportunity to read the lessons Jesus intended for us and to use that same skill to teach others?  It is an incredible gift.



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