Pride versus Humility

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No one likes to admit when they are wrong – do they?  And yet it’s one very important thing we teach our kids to do with us and with each other.  It’s funny, how pride seems born into each of us – it certainly can be learned behavior – to act out on our pride and be defensive or justified in our actions, even if we know we are wrong.  Pride is the antithesis of Humility – and yet it is in humility that we find freedom. So – Jesus asks us to admit our weaknesses.  He asks us to confess our faults to each other and ask forgiveness.  In fact He asks us to do it before we come to his altar – yikes!

Sometimes it is easier to follow a list of commandments or lessons than be charged with the huge commandment of loving others as Jesus loved us! So now I have clearly crossed a line, sinned against another or sinned against myself.  And God gently reminds me, I really sinned against Him “whatever I do to the least of these.” And I somehow have to drag my prideful self to his altar – which could be a humbling conversation with my partner, or my kid, or a friend, or worse yet, an enemy and confess? Or worse yet, apologize?? Ugh!!!! “Yes my love, that is what I command.”

Oh…..Kay….Lord, if I have to. And to my knees I go.  I find the words (which are always there) but just so hard to speak.  And I do the thing from my heart, which is so hard because pride is so difficult to overcome.  And I cringe because I fear the person will judge me and take it as an opportunity to launch into battle while I am weak.  And you know what?  Usually what happens is a softening.  Love rushes in.  Hard hearts begin to open.  Forgiveness is given.  Air is cleared, and is that freedom whispering? That is the beauty of humility, freedom from pride and freedom for us.

Carole Lyon


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