Making the Decision to Trust God in a Challenge

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The well-known story of David & Goliath is often touted as the tale of an underdog.  Sure, David was the underdog in this story, but many of us likely overlook the lesson we can learn about how we face challenges.

Almost instantly, the men of Israel back down and back away when they see Goliath.  But, really, their fear of Goliath was based all on their perception. There was no real evidence that he was a force that could not be beaten.  He was simply big and well-armored, and so the men of Israel decided that they could not beat him.

The difference, though, was that David made the opposite decision.  He decided that a battle with Goliath was something he could handle successfully and tapped into his faith in God, saying, “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine [Goliath].” (1 Samuel 17:37)

David even, and perhaps most importantly, made the decision to stay true to himself in this battle.  Instead of wearing the fancy armour and using the weapons provided, he went back to his shepherd’s staff and a bag of rocks, because that is how he was most comfortable.  By staying true to himself, it only took one rock to accomplish the challenge that was placed in front of him. He had all the tools he needed just the way he was.

So often, when faced with our own challenges, our perception turns them into Goliath moments.  We quickly paint them as something we can’t overcome, so we back away.

Perhaps you want to leave your job, or apply for a big promotion, or tackle an athletic challenge that is bigger than anything you’ve tried before.  For me, it’s the goal of writing a book. We look at the challenge as an insurmountable Goliath, allowing our perception to point to all the things that we don’t have, and we walk away.

Instead, we can take a lesson from David and make the simple decision that God has helped us before, and He will help us here too.  The simple decision to change our perspective from one of doubt to one of faith can make an incredible difference in the story of our lives, just as it did for David.  Had he not made that simple decision, his entire path would have been different.

So, rather than looking at yourself as an underdog in any given challenging situation, ask yourself what decision you want to make.  Those little sparks of inspiration that come into our heads when we consider facing a challenge don’t come out of nowhere–they come from God.

We, like David, can decide to have faith and tackle that challenge with God behind us.  It truly can change our path for the better.

Amy K~

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  1. Joe Miller says:

    Amy K., write it !!! You have the stuff it takes. As a published author, I can assure you that if God is behind it and your heart is in it, it will not be a challenge. It will be a wonderfully fun ride.

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