Living Life with West Ridge

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Damaged and broken; just a lost soul doing my best to find a way in this world.

I was searching for something six years ago …. I wasn’t really sure what IT was, but I knew I needed it.

I was wandering in a world that I thought I could navigate on my own.  I was worried about my relationships, my finances, my family and my future. It was difficult to find joy in my everyday life. I was medicated for anxiety and depression and facing another failing marriage; my failing life. I was obsessed with what tomorrow would bring and reliving my past mistakes on a daily basis. That was life before West Ridge.

I stumbled upon West Ridge while looking for a church home.  I could have never fathomed how important West Ridge and the West Ridge family would become to me in the coming years.  My boys absolutely loved it when we visited and I had hopes that if they enjoyed it, they would attend with me.  That didn’t happen, however, it has been life altering for me. It’s obvious to me now; everything according to His plan!

West Ridge has completely changed my life! Giving up all of my anxiety and worries to Him has allowed me to focus on life.  I am now doing my best to work with Him, not against Him.  I pray about what I am supposed to do, not what I necessarily want to have happen.  Even if I do it wrong, I’m pretty sure He planned for that and there’s a lesson to be learned.

West Ridge has taught me that whatever comes my way, He is with me and I will deal with it. I will accept whatever He has in store and face it with the faith I have come to understand.  My destination isn’t in this place, but with Him. I am forever grateful to have formed this kind of a relationship with our Father and I am so grateful for what He gave up for me, and what West Ridge has given me; My life back!

I can now wake every day thankful for His grace and know that I am, at least trying, to be a faithful child of God.

Attitude change, compliments of West Ridge Community Church.


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