Let Me Love Like My Father

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Love your enemies; embrace and shower them with God’s grace as He does for you.

I try to remember that God is my father; an all forgiving father, who expects me to live as an example of Him. I am expected to go beyond the easy work; loving and caring for those in “my circle”.  I need to reach out!  Get up close and personal with those who may not be “in” my circle.  We are all children of God and I am expected to treat everyone as my brother and sister.  I cannot pick and choose who I love and support; I must extend that caring to everyone I encounter.  We are all equally important and, as a Christian, I am expected to treat everyone with that same love and support.

Let me not be misled into thinking that because they have sinned, that is “who” they are. God loves all of His children and has a plan for each of us. We are all forgiven in His eyes – including myself … and I need to have His eyes.  I work to do this with an open heart; not as an obligation. I want this to be who I become.

There is a place for me in Heaven. When I can show God’s love to others, they will see they have a place there also.  “Whatever you do unto the least, you did unto me.”  I hope to never forget how important it is to care about every one of my brothers and sisters!

God, please bless me with the ability to have Your eyes. Allow me to look past the situations of others, and provide the love and support that You would. Amen.

Beth See

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