Joy in Whatever Circumstance

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It’s Friday and I’m sitting listening to “How Great Is Our God”, singing to myself and thinking about what keeps us from the next level, or reaching our capabilities that God has given us. How do we know what He has in store for us? What if we keep getting in His way? Fail to pursue what He has planned?

I know personally it is easy for me to say that I am willing to give up everything for Christ, but in reality a lot of times I sit around waiting instead of planning or doing things He put in front of me.

In Matthew 13:44, the man found the hidden treasure in the field and sells everything he has for that field, because he is full of great joy. That joy comes from Christ’s death on the cross and that our salvation is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive, but how do we keep that joy?
This is difficult for many including myself. The world is challenging and that’s how God wants us to look at it. Each challenge designed to prepare us for more difficult challenges. Yes there are failures along the way, it’s okay. God’s right there to get us through those situations. I think the real challenge set forth as a Christ follower is to keep Jesus first in all things. If we do this, the joy the man found in the field will be with us every day in our lives no matter what the circumstances.


1 comment

  1. Jared Hubbard says:

    Amen! When we put Christ first we find joy! Thanks Tim!


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