It Wasn’t Me

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Tony Danza was the Boss, we drank Tang, people used land lines, we played atari, listened to music on walkmans, had trapper keepers, and babysat by age 10.  Our hammer pants may have defined our clothing style, but bangs described hair.  They could be feathered, permed, blunt, curled like a banana flowing down your face, or if you were a child they most likely started somewhere around the center of your head.

Bangs, I had them and so did my sisters.  I was 8 and my older brother was 11 when we were left in charge of watching my younger brother (6) and sister (4) while my parents went out for a much needed date.  I don’t have the exact details of the evening, but I believe it went something like this… We all started watching a VHS of Flight of the Navigator, but science fiction not being my genre, I somehow drifted to sleep and my older brother either was too entranced with the movie or too tired from being a kid, also neglected to notice our younger siblings had changed their plans.  My brother, at age six, dreamed of being a barber.  Evidently, this would be the night he would be equipped and ready to bring his dream to fruition.  It probably didn’t take much to persuade a four year old she should change her hairstyle.  My younger brother must have known this was not a good choice when he was done because he proceeded to hide her hair under the bed; evidently if the hair was hidden my parents might not notice.   When my parents saw their four year old daughter’s forehead liberated from any fringe of hair covering it, they were peeved.  Three words were echoed by all four of us; “It wasn’t me”.

It wasn’t me.  I hear those words frequently as a mother of three and I can’t imagine how many times God has heard them.   Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden enjoying the beauty of God and all of creation until one day when Eve gave into temptation and took a piece of fruit from the one tree not to touch; God said, “You must not eat or touch it, or you will die” (Genesis 3:3).   Adam was with her, and despite knowing it was forbidden he ate it anyway.  Adam and Eve instantly felt shame and they reacted by hiding.  Sin carries the heavy consequence of shame.  God called them out of hiding.  When Adam was confronted by God he attempted to put the blame on Eve, but you can’t pull a “it wasn’t me” on an omniscient parent.

I am pretty sure this lesson in the Bible is directly related to the parental saying, “you are free to choose, but you are not free of the consequences of your choices.”  Eve and Adam’s sin shows us sin will never bring us closer to God.  Adam and Eve did not heed the warning from God; as a result, all of mankind would be separated from Him.  Their act showed us sin is costly; outside of its natural consequences of guilt and shame it denies us experiencing what God wants for us.

God could have kept them naked and shamed, but he didn’t.  He demonstrated his kindness and love by clothing them with animal skins. The story of restoration began.  “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).  Amen.

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