It Began in the Garden

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It is never fun to invest in someone, love them deeply and in turn they disappoint you.  You learn that quickly as a parent. And being one, has taught me so many things about myself and how God sees me as His child.  Eric and I choose to invest, love, guide and encourage for our kids every single day.  By no means is our parenting perfect, but we do our best.  But, because our kids our human and they are learning they still can disappoint when they choose to fight with each other, say hurtful things or the biggest challenge….not listen.

When I think of the Garden that God created for his children, all of its beauty comes to mind.  Soft lush grass devoid of any dandelions, picturesque blue skies, ripened fruit warmed by the noonday sun, pools of cool water on your bare feet.  As a Dad, everything was beautiful and perfectly placed for his children.  He then created, invested and loved Adam and Eve dearly.  Provided everything they could possibly need and simply requested for them to not eat off of one tree.

We all know what happened next.  Those children of God chose not to listen to their Father.  I am pretty sure Adam and Eve most likely had some hurtful things to say to each other after it happened.  They allowed their own wants to creep in before God.

We want to shape our kids into the future adults they will soon become. We care and have rules to make sure they don’t poke their eyes out, candy doesn’t rot their teeth and they can be kind to everyone (siblings included).  God wanted to guide Adam and Eve as well and it hurt him that day when they disappointed him and they had to leave the Garden forever.

I am thankful the story of the Garden doesn’t end there.  The Bible shows us over and over ways, how God intervenes for His people.  Just because Adam and Eve made a mistake, He wasn’t finished with the rest of us.  God decided to become the parent of Jesus and let His own son take the place of all the future mistakes of mankind.

There is not doubt that there are going to be disappointments from all areas of our life down the road.  I know I am going to mess up and say the wrong thing to my kid, but I have the freedom to apologize, learn and ask forgiveness.

So what can we do in response?  Allow ourselves to soften our hearts and realize what ways we have not listened to him.  Lean into our Father even when it is uncomfortable and just tell him we are sorry as we pray.  We are blessed to have a Father who doesn’t hold those past hurts and mistakes over our head.  He is a Dad that allows us to fail, come back to Him and keep growing in our journey.  So one day we too, can walk side by side with our Father through Heaven’s lush gardens together as his child forever.

Danielle Z

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