If I were God…

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If I were God, I’d be thrilled. There’s a MAN singing in church. And, he’s raising his arm as he sings. Not only is he singing, he’s “into” his worship and praise. On top of that he most likely could care less if he’s singing a bit off key or off the beat. Nor does he seem to be concerned that doesn’t quite know all of the words to the song. And most of all, he’s probably not worried one iota about what anyone around him thinks about his singing ability (or lack of it). You see, he’s singing with his heart…not his mind. In doing so he is probably feeling the Holy Spirit within him as he sings his worship and praises. And that is one special feeling of freedom. It’s him and God in that room and he is loving and being loved upon by his Lord.

When it comes to singing in church we men are somewhat of a different breed. It seems that if we were to sing worship and praise the way the bible suggests we should (Isaiah 42:10-13) we are the odd man out. Don’t we typically show more gusto when we are fishing or bowling with the guys, or in the crowd at the ball game?   And yet (duh) when we sing alone in our car jamming to whatever tunes are on, we can almost feel ourselves becoming the lead vocalist. I think the same happens when we are in the shower at home.

For me, learning to be open with my worship and praise in church has been a real learning curve, and not an altogether easy one. My single biggest enemy was me. Somehow in the twisted wiring in my head I was certain that if I sang with “gusto” in church that it just didn’t seem “manly”. Yep, that’s a worldview for you. I’ve learned over time that God doesn’t give a hoot about “manly”. His full attention is on our hearts. It’s simple…. if we sing with our hearts, even if we stumble around with the words, or are a bit off key, or are somewhat behind or ahead of the worship team, does it really matter to God? There is no score card or report card with Him when it comes to singing praise to Him. He’s smiling at our hearts.

Here at West Ridge, we are blessed beyond measure with a wonderfully talented Worship Team. Under the exceptional tutelage of Michael, our team isn’t performing or putting on a show for an audience (unlike some churches). They are humble and talented musicians and vocalists who are sharing (and modeling) their worship with we who are in the auditorium. They are truly worshiping and praising with their hearts…and it is so obvious. In doing so, they are feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit within them as He fills their hearts. It shows, week in and week out.

Guys, let’s leave the macho in us outside the front door of the church next time we come to church. Let’s not fear what those in front of us or behind us think about our singing. Let’s find joy in the fact that if we sing with our hearts, no matter how good or bad we sing, that God is smiling and filling us with the Holy Spirit in those moments. What can possibly be better than that?

If I were God, I’d be doing handstands on the stage if the above became reality.

Joe Miller
Men’s Ministry

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