How the Bible Came to be.  The Canon

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I was raised in the Catholic church and taught not to question the authority of God or the bible or the commandments.  There was a lot of memorization and classes – and every Sunday we recited much of the same verses from the bible – but in this smaller book, mixed with and Old Testament reading, a New Testament Reading and sometimes a part of a Psalm.  It wasn’t until my 20s, when I began exploring God for myself and diving into the authenticity and origin of the bible to test whether all of it was truly real and trustworthy.

I went through a season of dissecting and understanding how the bible was written, by whom, the timelines – and why the books are not necessarily in order of history.  I first read the bible from cover to cover – and that was a complete drag – until I found the NIV study bible that put sense into how to study and understand the scriptures in relation to the culture and historical events of the day.  It is scientifically and historically the most authentic book of our humankind. It has withstood the test of time and its truths hold true today as much as they did when it was written.  Literally all of the prophecies in this amazing book have come to pass except for Revelation.  It’s an incredible testimony of how God drew near to His people to know us intimately, empower us with His Holy Spirit and guide us to His promises of life in abundance.

The Bible of course was written by men and inspired by God.  That is a mystery in itself.  It was written over hundreds of years with hundreds of year of silence between the Old Testament times and the New Testament times. And yet, it is so intertwined and connected from one section to the next. It is so filled with wisdom and encouragement, correction and direction for our lives.  To me it is called “the Living Word” because every time I read it, something new pops out at me, as if highlighted in yellow.  It speaks to where I am in my life and helps draw me back to a living and stable truth.

If I was reduced to one possession in my life, it would be God’s Word.  For with it, we can sustain life through faith and maintain hope and learn to love ourselves and others in a world that has lost itself in chaos, bitterness and resentment.  It is our ultimate source of light and power.  It is the source of all worship music, much of our art, the most inspiring speeches and sermons and modern day miracles.  If you haven’t cracked it open yet, because you are intimidated by its size or scope, don’t be.  Get a guide, and start to read. You will be amazed at what a daily dig into this well will produce in your life.  I thank God for His word, and I ask Him to use it in my life as much as He chooses.





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