Getting Over the Hurdle

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A crowd.
A man with a dying daughter.
An anonymous woman with a long term medical problem.
A man called Jesus.

In Mark and Luke we are privy to a really awesome and dynamic story.  It’s a story that tells of a man who openly displays his faith.  He has a dying daughter, and he seeks out Jesus begging Him to come to his house and heal her.  His faith is strong and he tells Jesus that he knows she will be healed if Jesus just touches her.  He’s a public person, a leader in the synagogue, and his faith is public.  We know how the story ended–he man’s daughter didn’t die.

In that same crowd of people was an anonymous woman who had a long term medical problem.  I picture her as timid and perhaps somewhat fearful…but definitely not at the end of her rope.  She knows, just knows deep in her heart, that if she could simply touch Jesus, perhaps just His robe, that she would be healed.  She was a private person, whose faith was also private.  We know how the story ended–the woman was healed.

In today’s crowd, there’s this guy called Me who is neither particularly public nor private.  Me is just a regular guy.  What differentiates Me from the two characters discussed above is that little matter of faith.  What Me has to fully realize is that it doesn’t matter if faith is either public or private.  What matters is that Me simply has to get over the hurdle and own it—fully.  He’s got to wake up to the fact that it’s not just enough to talk about faith, think about faith, read about faith, and share about faith.  He’s got to live it, and believe in it at the very core of his being.
Me’s in a relationship with that man called Jesus.  What differentiates him from the man with the dying daughter and the woman with the medical problem, is the deepness of his faith.  Were Me’s faith to be as strong as theirs, he too could be healed—of his sin problem.

Wake up Me.  Get over the hurdle Me.  Be healed Me.

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