Flooding in Life

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How do we find the good, when everything seems flooded and unstoppable? There are many times in life we become paralyzed with fear, frustration, anger, sadness or a combination of them. These emotions flood our hearts, thus devastating our days with negativity and inability to see unveiling lessons.

I tend to flinch into a reactive mode when I am struck by circumstances.  As a fixer I always feel I need to “do” something to make the situation better. But who am I to be the fixer-upper? God is waiting patiently to reveal His calm oar. It’s up to me to bring Him into my circumstance and hear His voice. But how?

If there is anyone in the Bible that can relate to overwhelming devastation and decision making — it’s a man named Noah. We all know the story of Noah and the obstacles he had to face against the Great Flood. He probably felt the way we do many times — overwhelmed — as he was building the ark, selecting the animals and taking on the long tumultuous cruise… if you want to call it that.

Life will bring rainy days.

We turn the rain into a flood many times because we forget to keep our focus on Him. As we struggle, many times we feel like God is nowhere in sight. Many times when I don’t feel I hear His voice or see the resolution I’m seeking, I feel I’ve done something wrong. Yet, He is right there, waiting.

Trust is key, and I need to have faith that nothing is too hard for God to handle. When I create these floods in my head, I begin to believe it’s too big for even Him, as it’s become too big for my little “doer” self.

Sometimes we want the external taken care of, but Jesus goes after the internal. Sometimes we want what we see to be handled, and Jesus goes after what is unseen. All we need to do is invite Him to walk in the rain alongside us. When we remember to trust Him, to hold His hand, He will guide us through the very lesson we are meant to learn while peace and grace are revealed.



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