Faith Like a Mustard Seed

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Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds.
You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.

This floated past me one day – a few different times – and it stuck. Funny how, when we are open to see the perspective we need for the moment, messages will come to us in many forms. Sometimes they shout and sometimes they whisper – but they are always present. I pray and look for these messages as I struggle to stay on the right path and live with purpose each day. Honestly though, for me that’s a hard-fought battle that I feel I lose more than I win.

Lately, even though I’ve walked this Christian path for a very long time, I feel I have become complacent and given in to a garden that has grown weeds. It takes work to pull the weeds up continually, by the roots, to allow the flowers to grow and nourish, and the weeds continually grow again and again. What if the gardener just gets tired? What if I just stopped pulling them up for a while and rested? Anyone who has tended a garden knows, that this is a foolish act – which will only create a larger problem down the road, and will eventually choke the flowers out of the garden if not tended to properly.

What are your weeds? We just took a hard look at the 12 steps, and we know what the weeds are in our lives. For me it is distraction, depression, exhaustion, and procrastination. These weeds I must constantly pluck to tend to my garden of enthusiasm, love, focus, energy and purpose. When I do, the garden grows rich and lush, and my Father walks it with me with joy and pride. When I don’t, the garden gets full of weeds quickly – the flowers overshadowed by the weeds, and my Father walks it with me with love and acceptance. I then feel overwhelmed and ashamed that I let the garden go so easily. Why is it so hard to keep the garden tended and beautiful? I don’t fear His disappointment as He accepts me no matter what, but I struggle to understand why I make the wrong choices repeatedly, knowing what they will produce. It is I who suffer, and He who gives me compassion and so much patience.

Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed to encourage us to just do the simple thing – believe in Him and surrender our will to his daily. Every day – every moment of the day – if that’s what it takes to remain in His will. This one simple act can fertilize our garden so the weeds stop growing so fast – and the flowers are nourished automatically. It’s the most efficient way to tend to our garden with the minimal amount of effort and frustration! It’s a simple act – but it requires faith and discipline. It’s amazing that one tiny mustard seed, over time and tended properly, can grow into a mighty bush with deep roots and many flowers! That is the faith He requires of us – for one reason…. He knows that our mustard seed faith with allow us to develop our garden into a lush and satisfying place that will bring us joy and purpose and satisfaction. That is the master’s desire for us. Let’s go tend to our gardens and use our thoughts and choice to grow it lush with flowers.

-Carole Lyon


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