Don’t Get Caught in the Deep End

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I can honestly say I don’t think if God had told me to build a huge Ark in the middle of a hot and dry area that I would have obeyed.  Then again that’s why He chose Noah for the job. He was a righteous and Godly man in a time when most men did as they pleased. As I look at my life, there has been a large period of time that I lived like these men. Everything revolved around Tim and what he wanted to do.  As a result of those actions, I experienced my own times of destruction.

So how does this story from thousands of years ago impact my life today? In an increasingly sinful society, where God is being removed from most every part of our lives, it is a reminder that each day we have on Earth is an opportunity to build our own ark!

In my past, I would not have put much thought into all of this. I never thought it concerned me what other people did and how hurtful and destructive the world we live in is. Since turning my life over to Christ, things get to me much easier. I feel the hurt, pain, and shame of others. It bothers me that I can do little to change most of it. I have to be constantly reminded that God is in control and needs me to do what He calls me to do.    My “ARK” is trying to be the example of Christ in my day to day living, praying for our country and all those in need. Helping others where and when it is needed & sharing what Christ has done for me.

I believe the big picture here is not to take life for granted. God gives us each day a purpose to fulfill, making sure that we try our best to live a life of abiding in Christ, and not getting caught up in a world that moves so fast it makes you spin.  It is not for me to know when this world will come to an end. It is for me to do as much as possible to make others see what Christ can do for them. My goal in this life is to share my story and thoughts with others He puts in my path.

Lord – Keep me from drowning in my sin and help me show others your grace and mercy.

In Christ

Tim Oidtman

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