Baptized again?

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I was asked this when I made the decision to get baptized. Again; because the first time I was baptized I didn’t have a choice, someone made that choice for me. This time I wanted it on my own. This question came from my mom a devout Catholic. I was born and raised Catholic my kids were in Catholic school things were rolling along. Until the year 2008 when I started to hear a small voice inside telling me there was more in store for me. My attendance at Catholic church put me in the category of “Chreaster” When I did attend church I had a feeling something was missing. I felt sad there, I am by no means am trying to cut down the Catholic Church or their religion, I just knew it was time for me to go. The unease I felt at church had to do with who I was searching for. I could not find it there. I was searching. I had a strong feeling like I needed something more. I was following Gods calling I had to find Jesus.

I did what I know best and did an online search for a new church. I found West Ridge in the yellow pages and immediately I was intrigued by “never church as usual” I also liked that is was non-denomination and a community church. I decided I would bring my girls there and see what it was all about.

Back in those days there were free donuts in the lobby. Right there my kids were hooked! I was a little late and when I walked in it was pretty dark. But I saw a guy playing guitar singing about how much he loved Jesus. I was blown away, by the next song I was in tears. I really felt like I should be there. I wanted to keep going.

This is how my new journey seeking Christ started. I went headlong into it. Someone gave me a bible and I started reading, I joined a small group. I was on my way to doing everything I could to learn about this new way of “religion”

The pastor started talking about Baptism and what it meant to Christians. How it was a public declaration to follow Jesus, to wipe away the sins and be made new. I studied all I could about Baptism and what it said in the bible. I did my research and signed up to do it. I met with Pastor Scott and told him my story. I was ready.

My mom didn’t understand why I was getting baptized again. I told her it was not really my decision when I was two years old. But now I am making this decision on my own I wanted everyone to know I was a follower of Jesus and could call myself a Christian.

Baptism is one of the most personal decisions you can make. We are all called to baptism. We are called to do what God wants us to do. I feel like I was called out to a different church a different life. I had already made a commitment to follow Jesus and I wanted to do this out of obedience. I haven’t looked back.

-Suzann Jonson




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