Am I ever thankful!!

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Thanksgiving brings the “thanks” or thankfulness out of most of us. That’s a good thing. It shows that we are taking a moment to pause and consider that which we are thankful for…and it’s the perfect time to express that.

I am particularly thankful this year for what is happening here at West Ridge and the effect that it is having on the men of this church. Just three short months ago, on a weekend in August, a spark was lit, and it was that spark that ignited a firestorm which has pushed the Men’s Ministry into a thriving, vibrant ministry.

The Monthly Men’s Breakfasts are held the second Saturday of each month, and we’re seeing that lively discussions on relevant topics have become the mainstay (besides the great food!). I am thankful for the team of guys who so diligently (and often behind the scenes) put those Saturday’s together and make them work. I am equally thankful for the men who attend those breakfasts–they are the ones who bring them to life.

The Tuesday Tune-up (TTU) concept came alive directly as a result of the retreat in August. The TTU gatherings in the Foundation Room every Tuesday evening have offered the men of the church what they wanted and needed–a safe place away from the everyday world where they can be real about their deepest desires and yearnings in their walk toward Christ-likeness.

I am so thankful for the men who have crossed the threshold of that which is TTU, and for those who have stuck their toes in the water to learn more. I am grateful that they have come to something new, intimidated and free, willing to participate, willing to share. That makes for a culture where men can truly grow spiritually, and I am so thankful for them. I am unabashedly thankful for the TTU team of leaders who spend hours planning, the teaching team who present the messages, and most importantly, the Small Group Leaders who are the glue that binds the parts of the Ministry.

I am thankful that because of this Ministry I have seen first hand the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the hearts of men as he has transformed them into truly godly men.

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