Join Lighting, Sound, Video Stream or Screen Team

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Do you love the technical side of things? In nearly every part of Sunday morning at West Ridge, the tech teams (sound, lighting, screen and live video streaming) have a hand in it.  We have a remarkable team of people at West Ridge that bring to the table their unique talents and abilities to join as one in with sight and sound for those in person and online.  If you’d like to learn more about becoming a part of one of our many teams, we would love to give you some more information.

Just text “TECH” to 847.4881761 or click on the link below and we would be happy to give you some more info about each team, what to expect, training process (no previous experience required) and answer any questions. Check it out to find out what role that fits you.

Tech Teams include:
– Sound Team (Team Lead: Steve Van Gheem)
– Lighting Team (Team Lead: Jay Tamaraz)
– Screen Team Video Screen Elements (Team Lead: Eric Zapchenk)
– Live Video streaming Video Team (Team Lead: Eric Zapchenk)


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