Nica Christmas Dinner and Hurricane Relief

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As we approach the Holiday Season, we would like to thank you for your generosity, continued partnership as well as invite you to give thanks and give back.  In the midst of a pandemic, our Nicaragua families are now facing Hurricane Iota. This is the 2nd (and more powerful) hurricane to make landfall in just 14 days. While the hurricanes have entered on the Atlantic side, their impact and devastation has been far and wide, stretching to the opposite coast of Nicaragua.

This year we are showing our love and support to not only the families we sponsor via the Sponsor A Child Program; with the annual Christmas Dinner baskets, we are also putting together smaller food care packages for the coastal families that have suffered greatly due to the back to back hurricanes.

  • For $75.00 you can provide a Christmas dinner (and food for a few days) for a family. This will include a whole (large) chicken plus all the ingredients to make a traditional Nica Christmas dinner as well as some of their favorites like, Coca-Cola, Cookies, Fruit, Pasta and chocolates to name a few.
  • For $10.00 you can provide a hurricane relief package of essential food for suffering coastal families near Tecoloste and El Transito. This will include rice, beans, sugar, oil, pasta and a Nica favorite of an oatmeal-based breakfast powder drink.
  • General Donation. Monetary donations are also being accepted to assist with purchasing materials for homes and schools that were damaged during the hurricanes.

If you are interested in participating, you can contribute in 2 ways:

  • Give online please use drop down box to select Nica Angels and type NICA CHRISTMAS DINNER and/or HURRICANE RELIEF PACKAGE  and /or HURRICANE RELIEF in the comments section.
  • In the offering bag on Sunday, with the same above notation(s) in the memo section.

As we approach Thanksgiving, please consider joining us in counting our blessings and paying some forward to those less fortunate. Thank you again for your continued partnership.


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