Defining YOU: Fall Study

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Women of West Ridge invite you to be a part of our Fall study “Defining You”. [Insert your name here] you are unlike anyone else God created.  For some, recognizing our passions and gifts may be easy to decipher.  But for others, there is so much running through our heads that it is difficult to wade through all of the stuff and see what is naturally there.

Over three weeks we will take a brief personal assessment which will provide us insight into what makes us tick. Then see how we can utilize that to understand how wonderfully known we are by God.  Plus, recognize how all of our gifts together can be used for a bigger purpose rather than falling into the trap of comparison.  In the end, having a better foundation and application of defining our gifts.

When: Monday nights for three weeks starting November 1st at 7:00pm

Where: In person in the West Ridge Auditorium or Online via Zoom

What to expect each night: A short message, conversation within a small group, a spiritual gifts assessment and more.

Cost: $5.00 for study materials.




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