Breakfast for the Homeless

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Join others from West Ridge in serving the homeless in Elgin every fourth Friday of the month. On those Friday mornings we supply breakfast for about 60 people and have the opportunity impact their lives with a smile and breakfast. For more details contact Eric or Michelle Hubicki.

Here are the details:

• Service time starts at 7:00 AM and is over by 8:00 AM.   Service is done in Elgin Vineyard’s basement at 220 Division Street in downtown Elgin (it is about a block or so east of the main police station).
• The requirement is for volunteers to create a breakfast item that will help serve approximately 60 people two hearty servings.   Note one volunteer is not solo as there would be about four other volunteers making food items as well.
• For example, two folks would make egg/casserole dishes, one would do sausages and one would do biscuits/gravy.  Danishes/bananas are also very welcome.   We are always open to new ideas!   The key is collectively having enough food to serve 60 – two hearty servings.
• There are no cooking facilities on sight (just some basic warming capabilities).   So the dish has to be ready to serve upon arrival.
• It is a good opportunity for singles or a family to give back to the local community.   It is safe for children but we do request they are well behaved, contribute and keep close.  Many of the folks we help do have challenges with alcoholism, addictions and/or have some mental limitations.  The Vineyard is well managed and problems are almost non-existent.
• Staying to serve the food is optional, but as you can imagine, getting the food to Elgin Vineyard is critical as the ministry depends on it.


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