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If you look at the history of early Christians in the New Testament, you find a consistent growth path: People learn the truth about Jesus. They choose to follow him. They repent, leaving their old beliefs and lifestyle behind. Being baptized logically and naturally follows their decision. In baptism, we make a public declaration that our old life has gone to the cross with Jesus, and we come up out of the waters with new life in front of us.

In baptism, we are given a beautiful, joy-filled moment where we step into the waters and physically, tangibly feel God’s grace wash over us. Though our sins may continue to pursue us, baptism gives us this milestone in our spiritual journey, one that constantly reminds us our sins have been drowned in the grace of Jesus. If you’ve never been baptized, we encourage you to engage in this defiant act of protest against your old life and the voices that pursue you.

We celebrate baptisms every Birthday Sunday (last Sunday in September) and Palm Sunday.

If you have questions about or would like to participate baptism service, please contact Greg Bowman

Listen to a recent Sunday message below, explaining the history and meaning of baptism in greater detail.


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