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We do things a little differently. We grab a coffee from the cafe, relax on the couch and experience the service. We enjoy a popular song you never thought you’d hear in church. The pastors are real. The architecture is different. The mood is different. The whole experience is different.

Authenticity and genuine community are essential to who we are. This is a place that serves people from all racial and economic backgrounds, where people find grace and acceptance no matter what baggage they bring with them. It’s not the staff or a building- it’s lives being changed by people seeking God with the help and support of others.

Whether you’re sitting in a weekend service, or just enjoying a scone in the cafe, we’re passionate that West Ridge is all about your life. How you relate to God and how you relate to the people and the world around you.


Our Mission

Helping people encounter, embrace, and embody the radical love of God.

Encountering God’s radical love happens when you realize that God loves you no matter what, and He’s not a big fan of life as usual either.  And since we’re trying to live authentic lives, we accept you the way God accepts you.

Embracing God’s radical love happens when you decide to give up “life as usual” and pursue life as God intended it, with Jesus as the ultimate model of what that life looks like.

Embodying God’s radical love means all aspects of your life – your relationships, passions and priorities – are aligned with how God designed them to be.  People look at your life and they see God. An extraordinary capacity for caring. A knowing disregard for what our culture says is important. A relentless pursuit of truth and a desire to always do what is right and good.

Trust us…this is NOT life as usual.