Current Series

Throughout history The 23rd Psalm has calmed more racing hearts, regardless of rich or poor, it has provided courage to those facing the worst of situations.  Given peace to those taking their final breath. It has comforted those who are experiencing the pain of grief or loss.  For many, the words of this psalm are the last words ever uttered in this life.  Psalm 23 is remarkable because in its simplicity we find hope and strength of faith. It’s like this is the prayer that we say when we know we’re not going to be able to make it on our own.  Join us in this series as we walk through Psalm 23 together.

Upcoming Messages

November 5  – I Shall Not Want
November 12 – He Leads Me
November 19 – I Will Fear No Evil
November 26 – My Cup Runs Over
December 3 – Goodness and Mercy
December 10 – I Will Dwell in the House of the Lord