Current Series

God has always existed and yet His story is intertwined with the Bible and each one of our lives. Throughout this series we will talk through how His Story is seen throughout the Bible in the Garden, the sacrifices, the tablernacle, the temple and through the life of Christ. He is constant and promises in Genesis 28:15, Know I am with you, and I will watch over you no matter where you go.” We look forward to starting this new series with you as we look into His ultimate story.

Upcoming Messages

March 3–  In the Beginning…
March 10 –  When the Plan Breaks Down
March 17 –  I Followed Fires
March 24 –  God in in the House
March 31 –  Can God be contained?
April 7 –  God with Skin
April 14 –  We end as we began
April 19 –  Good Friday
April 21 –  Easter Sunday
April 28 –  Where is God Today?