Current Series

Our hope is over the next two weeks we can cut through all the gift wrap, unending lists, the heightened emotions and get down to the story of His birth, this Ancient Christmas.  It is imperative to our faith.  This wasn’t just a fun Christmas tale God added into the Bible because he wanted another holiday for himself.  No, God’s plan was set into motion all the way back in the beginning.  Through the next two weeks we are going to trace how the prophecies of the Old Testament came into fulfillment hundreds of years later in Jesus’ birth.  Let’s find out what that means for us and that Jesus’ birth was not a plan B situation.

Sunday, December 22nd: West Ridge Kids will be available for babies through age 5. Elementary age kids can join us for a family-friendly service where they can wear those funny Christmas sweaters, watch the WRK Children’s Choir perform, do a fun activity during service and just maybe see Buddy the Elf!

Upcoming Messages

December 15th – Jesus was not Plan B
December 22nd – King of Kings