Current Series

Join us as we dive into this 2,700 year old book together.  The Bible has shaped the Christian faith and we will learn how it came to be and can we trust it?  We will discover more about the prophets, Jesus and everything in between. We look forward to seeing you this during this next series.

Upcoming Messages

January 14 – How the Bible Came to be
January 21 – Can I Trust the Bible?
January 28 – In the Beginning
February 4 – The Fall of Mankind
February 11 – The Destruction of Mankind
February 18 – The Importance of Abraham
February 25 – The Law
March 4 – The Prophets
March 11 – The Importance of David
March 18 – Jesus Changed the Rules
March 25 –  Jesus Changed the Rules
March 30 – The Death of Jesus (Good Friday)
April 1 The Resurrection (Easter Sunday)
April 8 – The Aftermath
April 15 – How the Church Started
April 22 – The Bible’s Instructions on How we Should Live
April 29 How Does it all End?