Pursuing Godliness

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2 Peter 1:1-9 While it’s true God loves us as we are, Godliness, becoming Christ like in our character, is what God wants to love us into.

Paul talks a lot and teaches us about Godliness. He warns us to say no to the worldly temptations of life and be self-controlled and live “godly” lives.

There can be confusion about being good and living a life doing good. There is a big difference between being good – doing good and living a life that leads to godliness.

When I was not living for Christ and had not made that commitment to live for Him, I was trying to live a life by doing good. I was under the impression that doing good was my ticket to heaven and forgiveness. Deep down I did not feel worthy or fulfilled. Surely all those good ‘things’ I was doing for people and my family had some weight when trying to secure my place in God’s kingdom. It wasn’t until I really surrendered my life to Jesus did I understand that all those acts or deeds I was doing was not bringing me closer to Jesus nor were they making me godly. It was only when I asked God to forgive my sins and committed my life to serving Jesus did I begin to understand what it meant to put away those sinful desires. Only then did I have peace in my soul that passes all understanding.

Titus 2:11 says “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.” Paul tells us we are saved by God’s grace. Only God can provide the ultimate goodness.

My commitment to living a godly life each day takes practice. It wasn’t a deal I made with God; it was a life change. In order to be godly, I need to train for it. The exercises I use for this training are reading my Bible, talking to God in prayer and gathering with my community in God. We need the perseverance to pursue prayers when we are tired and don’t want to. We get a fresh boost when we gather with fellow believers in church on Sunday and when we serve and worship. It is not only this but our commitment to walk with God, to enjoy our relationship with Him, and our desire for Him.

That devotion to God is what brings out the godliness. You can be committed to your ministry; be a good Christian but without your devotion to God and God’s will that godliness will lack.

By the grace of God I still struggle. But I continue to train for that godly life. I remain in awe of His great wonder and His holiness. In pursuit of Him I hope I am pleasing to God, not by my deeds but by my honest pursuit of Him and my trust in my faith.

-Suzann Jonson

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