Finding Delight in Silence

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My prayer, most every day: “Please give me patience, tolerance and the faith I need.”  Just getting through the day takes so much energy.  I wonder if I can get through yet another.

I don’t have time to take a “day off” from my responsibilities.  Kids, grandson, house, yard …. life.  Sometimes, I just want peace; I NEED peace.

Let me contemplate quietly; maybe I’ll clean the bathroom, mow the lawn, or power wash something, anything that means I have peace.  What better way to find quiet time?  I can have the best conversations with Him while scrubbing the bathroom or weeding the yard.  Nobody will bother you for fear of being asked to help.  Mowing the lawn, or power washing?  You can’t hear anybody!  You have only the conversation you carry on in your head. What a perfect time to reflect!

Do I feel ridiculous that these are the things I enjoy?  No, not at all.  So many of us  are over-worked, over-stressed, and over-burdened.  We learn to appreciate the peace we can find in the everyday, mundane tasks that are usually pushed off to the weekend.

One would think I would have a clean bathroom, a meticulous yard, and an overly clean home exterior!?!?  Not so much.

My time to reflect is usually on Sunday.  I can only accomplish so much, but I do enjoy it.  It’s my time to strengthen my relationship with our Father. It’s OUR time.  I keep the Sabbath Holy in the quiet things I do. They are between Him and I. Nobody else is listening.

Thank you, Father, I am so grateful for my quiet time!

-Beth See


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