You, Your Kids and Baptism Workshop

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West Ridge Kids is a place where your kids will have a great time finding out about what it means to have a friendship with God. A logical, natural next step for older kids is baptism. This workshop will equip parents to have that all-important conversation with their child about what baptism means, what a forever friendship with Jesus is all about, and help parents know when their child is ready for baptism. This workshop will be on Sunday, September 24th during second service. Register here or with your kids, stop by Guest Services.




  1. Gary Lundeen says:

    Does Westridge promote one baptism?

    • West Ridge says:

      Gary- West Ridge has Baptism Sundays a few times a year. Our next Baptism Sunday is Sunday, April 30th. If you have any other questions regarding baptism you are always welcome to email Greg Bowman at [email protected]. Thanks!


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